Boiler Repair Highland Park Service

Are you experiencing problems with your homes steam or hot water boiler? Is the indoor temperature below 60 degrees fahrenheit? If so, call our Highland Park boiler repair service for assistance. We provide 24 Hour Highland Park emergency boiler repair and can usually have a factory trained and certified HVAC service technician fixing your boiler in under two hours. Problems such as no heat going to the radiators, intermittent operation and unreliability could easily be solved with a proper boiler repair in Highland Park. Give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE on New Boiler Installations or to Schedule your FREE Service Call with any Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Highland Park.

Hot Water Boiler Repair: Water Leaks

Water leaks on a hot water boiler that needs repair can be very small at first, and cause a loss of pressure in your boiler that you might not notice. Small water leaks on a hot water boiler are visually hard to find so it’s best to check the pressure on your boilers pressure gauge to keep abreast of any possible water leaks in your homes radiant heating system. Small water leaks in your hot water boiler can turn into large ones within a moment. If you suspect that there is a leak in your hot water boiler system, contact us today to schedule a priority boiler repair service in Highland Park.

Steam Boiler Repair: Blockages In Condensate Drain

A condensate pipe carries condensation from your boiler to your outside drain. During extremely cold weather the condensation in this pipe may freeze and cause a blockage causing the condensate to ‘back up’ into the boiler and cause a shutdown. When this happens you definitely need a Highland Park boiler repair service. Signs that the condensate pipe may have frozen include your boiler’s display showing a ‘fault code’ or warning light as well as gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from the boiler or the condensate pipe. If you suspect this is the problem and need your steam boiler repaired give us a call.

Highland Park Boiler Repair, Heating & AC Repair Service

Did you know that Highland Park Heating and Cooling Repair provides full service heating and air conditioning repair in Highland Park? Whether you need boiler heating repair, furnace repair or AC repair, we do it all. Highland Park Boiler Repair Tip:

  • Setback and programmable digital thermostats warm your house when you need it and turn the heat down when you don’t – they can cut heating bills by 10 to 20 percent.

We take great pride in our boiler repair and installation work and it shows. The craftsmanship and professionalism that it takes to repair or install a radiant heating boiler system properly you will find here at Highland Park Heating and Cooling Repair. Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE on New Boiler Installations or to Schedule a boiler repair in Highland Park and a FREE SERVICE CALL with any boiler repair.